Tori Cidery

We are Karmo and Veranika from Tori Cider & Wine Farm
Our road on cider production highway started in 2014 when we decided to move back to our ancestor´ lands to build up my grandparent’s farm. The passion of our life has been good food and drinks. In 2014 we just got tired from city life and decided to jump into the swamp, literally. This is exactly where our farm locates- in between bogs and rivers of Soomaa (in English it means land of bogs) national park.

During 5 years we have planted thousands of apple trees. For our organic products, we use only local ingredients. Mainly apples from organic orchards, but also other good nordic pure and healthy ingredients like black currants, rhubarb, rowans, strawberries and blueberries.

We believe that it is the most sustainable and healthy way to make business. We give maximum value to local ingredients and represent it on its best way wild-fermented beverages.



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